At times in life we need to step back from the hustle and bustle of this first world atmosphere and slow down. We need to ask ourselves, who am I? I often ask myself this, and sometimes I don’t have an answer. I don’t always know who I am, I often let my negative characteristics outshine and overshadow all of the good qualities I have. My self confidence, is shit, for lack of a better term. However, for the purpose I this blog, at this moment, I will give you the good qualities. I have compassion, compassion for you and compassion for your neighbor. In todays society there is too little sympathy for our surroundings both physical and metaphysical. It’s something that is lacking in today’s society, a miss you should say. In the world today there is too much hate circling the globe. Optimism is also one quality of me I admire, no matter what challenges I face and they are many, I believe I have the ability to overcome. I am also very personable, since I care about everyone’s common welfare, there is always a connection that develops between me and other like minded individuals. Even those who have colder personalities, like a good friend of mine, I find a way to connect and find the best within each individual.

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