Removing Negative People

Removing Negative People From Our Lives

Friends and relatives have a huge impact on our lives. So when we have toxic and negative individuals you begin to form resentments. Resentments make you feel bad about yourself, and nobody wants to feel resentments. There are times however, when we can’t avoid being around these negative and toxic individuals so what do we do and how do we remove them from our life?

Surround Yourself With Positive Friends

Toxic people are harmful, but positive friends are helpful. The more positive the friend is the more likely the negative individual is going to stay away from you. “Stay close to the people who make you feel happy” – Power Of Positivity

Turn Your Attention To Positive Things

Stay close to positive things and positive people. Keep your mind of the negative people. As you start looking towards the positive they will start to dissipate from your life.

Understand And Own Up To Your Weaknesses

Knowing what you are weak at will help you understand why toxic people surround you. It will also make you self aware and help you improve on yourself. It will also help you avoid being manipulated because of your weaknesses.

Set Boundaries

Knowing your own boundaries is key in setting up who you are as an individual. But setting them up is especially important to keep toxic people out of and remove them from your life. Letting them know your boundaries will keep them at a distance and help you in the long run.

Have Confidence

Have confidence in who you are. Who you want to be. Who you want and don’t want in your life. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and let people know when they are over stepping your boundaries.

Speak Up

Back to having confidence. Don’t be afraid to speak up. Speak your mind and let the toxic individuals know that you don’t enjoy their company and don’t want to be around them.

Matters Of Our Hearts, But The Honesty Of Our Souls

The sky is black, Yet the moon is shining
Still I know not what this Darkness is hiding
The street is wide, yet the path I’m on is narrow
There are no sounds to surround, not even a chirp of a Sparrow

My heart beats heavier as I stride down the walk
For I feel like a field mouse fearful of a hawk
The pace I stride speeds up, as a following shadow arises
What is this thing behind me it must be me it despises

Whether human, beast, demon, or at most it must be Death
I hope it is not my time, it’s much too early, to take my final breath
For a burden I may be, but this fear disappears
What is this eerie revenant, will it reappear

Life heaves curves, yet the path I am on stays straight
This creepy, eerie, menacing beast, it’s me it decides to hate
So again this fear is gone, I look behind with dread
Because the life, the living, the happiness, all of it is dead

Turning back, mere choice ’tis arbitrated, from this I will abstain
This new one way path is greater, from which I never will refrain
Behind me lies death and sorrow, and incredibly much hurt
Though with my whit and backbone about me it’s my life to assert

The path that lies far ahead, may have much death below
Though I assure you all far from death many seeds are sowed
From these seeds sprout beautiful roots
Foundations of our lives, from out the dirt it shoots

It grows tall by day, and sleep by night
No harm will come to me for I make myself alright
As I get older my roots grow deeper
My stem grows tall steeper and steeper

Soon I grow many branches, of which are my beliefs
But always remember from which I’m supported lies deeply underneath
The pavement once walked a far, turns to one deep and wide pasture
From the shadow that haunted me, I no longer need walk faster

From the seed I spoke, matures at a pace
Different from others, why, for we all live in the same place
I do not choose what drop of rain lands where
For it matters not, all and I will eventually get there

Over years the pastures turned to forests
Each one including I, live a life none sorest
Faith is not mere religion, but belief without sight
Like the oak tree drops acorns, eaten by squirrels, the tree show no strife

These acorns are children, siblings, and cousins
Though the squirrel that eats one life turns it into dozens
This circle of life, to many seems unfair
Though finally for once now and always, I will see no future despair

Earlier I spoke of faith and not religion
Just remember, each of you, we each are our own legend
Eventually we all will pass, out roots forever gone
For worry not we still have those seeds, we have now indefinitely sown