There comes a point in everyone’s life where they need to evaluate themselves, and throughout their lives when they need to reevaluated themselves. I have already reached the point of that first evaluation. Probably later than most, however it is never too late to grow and improve on your integrity and character. The two questions I asked myself were, am I the person I want to be? Do you align with your morals and values? When I inquired to myself about this question, I did not like and was not fond of the answer. I was a liar, cheat, and a thief. I let my lustful notions rule my life. I didn’t see the good in people, I was jealous, I wanted what they had. I was not elated by who I was. I put on a façade for everyone, that says I was better then I was, and superior to them. In reality I was inferior to the most unfavorable. When you do things that don’t align with your beliefs, they become a habit, and that fixation or impulse is exhausting and troublesome to breach . When I evaluated, revaluated, and revaluated myself over, over time, I improved on my contravening actions and poor portrayal of how a human should act. I still suffer from mental illness and a lack of independence that I want and deserve because of my predispositions. I am proud to say one thing I do not suffer from anymore is…I don’t loathe myself for the conditions I am facing and have to deal with.

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