Is true love dead? Many of us ask ourselves this. I believe with the invention of the internet, companionship but not love has been easier to find. Society has become vein and is worried about appearance over the quality of character. I suffered from this lapse in character values. Getting past the appearance of someone was something I couldn’t find myself doing. I would sacrifice integrity for outward allurement.

I personally, have found this individual. The beauty and physical attraction are there, but the beauty is not what matters. It’s the existence and virtue of this individuals love and uprightness that acquires my attention and attraction. How does one go from being so vein(me) and thinking of ones own selfish desires, to praying for another and constantly worrying about the well being of another?

I don’t know the answer to that question. I just thought I was a bad human being, but in all honesty I just hadn’t found the right person to turn me around into being the human being I need to be. I have always believed in fate to a point, but now I truly believe in it. I believe there is someone out there for everyone that wants one, and that can get us past our search for beauty over preeminence of being.

Back to the question, is true love dead? When we finally sacrifice our pursuance for beauty for the merit of rectitude, then we are ready to find true love in our life.

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