For this entry I am going to talk about optimism. Specifically optimism and the plausibility of it being irrational . The definition of optimism defined by oxford dictionary is “the hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.” I spoke in my previous entry about one of my positive traits being that I am optimistic, but does there come a point that optimism becomes irrational? At times optimism does become irrational, but when does it become irrational? Optimism becomes irrational in two main cases. Blind optimism and what I will call an Optimists Optimism. Blind optimism is the moment we put the blinders on and refuse to see the facts around us and continue to have an optimistic outlook of the result that is going to occur. An Optimist’s Optimism is a term I coined to describe a viewpoint of having an optimistic view on an event knowing all of the facts and possible previous history when the only direction of those particular components can lead is to a negative result.

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